Nocturnal Studios Inc. is a unique video production and feature film company headquartered in Calgary, AB. We produce corporate video and feature films both locally and internationally, ensuring both the creative and commercially viable aspects are showcased. When it comes to video production, Nocturnal puts an emphasis on development; continually creating video projects, hiring writers, and finding the best resources to maintain a balance between business, artistic integrity and popular culture. The end result is a memorable product that differentiates our clients and captivates their audience.

Our video production team consists of an experienced crew of professionals in all areas of film and video production, from pre-development to post-production deliverables. There is a current gap in the marketplace that Nocturnal Studios fills by introducing efficient, professional, creative, economical options.



Some key features of our video production services

Economies of scale to provide the most efficient and cost effective video production products in the marketplace.

Resources readily available throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

A-Z video production value to corporate and commercial client projects that puts us in a category above and beyond the rest of the competition.

Ancillary products and services for video production such as website creation, social media, music composition, stunts, casting and other related resources.



Unlike any of our competitors, we add a tried, tested and true cinematic value to our video productions. By being experienced feature filmmakers, editors, writers and sound engineers, we can deliver a finished product that will stand out from the rest of the crowd.